Supermarket car wash damaged car

A driver from Workington has told of his despair after a supermarket car wash damaged a car bought for him as a birthday present.

Paul Hodgson went the wash at Morrisons and expected it to come out slick and shining.

However, the washing mechanism malfunctioned and ripped the rear spoiler off his car, leaving with him with a bill for £400.

He told the News and Star newspaper: “The first time through the wash stopped and someone fixed it. Then the next time it jammed under the back of my car and ripped the spoiler off."

Mr Hodgson complained to the store but had the phone put down on him.

Morrisons has since stated that it is discussing the matter with its insurers.

Damage from car washes are seemingly common. Last year Sainsbury's came under fire when one of their car wash sites caused more than £4000 worth of damage Mercedes 4×4.

Surely a safer measure is to wash your vehicle by hand using the best car shampoo and microfiber cloths.

Posted by Simone Williams

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