Subaru endorse Autoglym’s range

Subaru drivers can have that extra special feeling when they get their Autoglym cleaning products out this winter, knowing that the car care range is the perfect companion to their vehicle's finish.

The Japanese manufacturer has endorsed a selected range of Autoglym's range after extensive testing.

Subaru found that the car care products delivered such a high-quality finish they contacted Autoglym and asked if they'd be interested in launching a co-branded product aimed specifically at their customer base.

The range – which are all made in the UK – includes Autoglym's Bodywork Car Shampoo, Super Resin Polish and Vinyl & Rubber Care, Interior Shampoo, Leather Cleaner and Odour Eliminator.

“A large proportion of our customers take great pride in keeping their Subaru in the best possible condition. Thanks to our new approved car care range, owners can now use market-leading products to maintain an enduring, protective, premium finish all year round," stated Kenyon Neads, Subaru's UK marketing director.

Paul Caller, Autoglym’s CEO, added that Subaru's recognition for high performance and reliability matched that of his own firm's.

He added: "We are proud to become an approved supplier to Subaru customers, and to add this celebrated Japanese marque to the expanding portfolio of manufacturers that have tested and officially endorsed our products.”

Subaru's quality isn't just being recognised in the Far East and Europe. Car buyers in the United States have in recent years turned their attentions from large imposing vehicles synonymous with the American way of life and started by more reliable Asian vehicles.

Hondas and Nissans have been performing well in the US market for a while now but Subaru have gradually crept into the conscious of those planning to purchase a car stateside.

Steven Cole Smith of the Orlando Sentinel described Subaru as one the best manufacturers around this summer.

Posted by Simone Williams 

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