Stone chips and scratches ‘should be tackled immediately’

Drivers should use their car scratch remover as soon as they notice chips and blemishes appearing on their motors, an expert has said.

Vlad Samarin, editor of, stated that the best course of action is to address such marks straight away, as they can get worse if not tackled.

"It's best to touch up stone chips and scratches on the paint surface as soon as you notice them, because if not repaired in time, they will corrode and become more expensive to fix," he said.

The expert went on to discuss the damage that bird droppings can have on a car's paint job.

Mr Samarin suggested drivers keep car cleaner bottles with water in their vehicles so they can remove the bulk of the faeces immediately and then tackle the rest at a more opportune moment.

Alec Gutierrez, from Kelley Blue Book, told recently that minor scratches can be treated with car polishes.

Posted by James Robson

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