Specialist car cleaning products ‘are a must’

Bentley ContinentalThere is little point in drivers using alternatives to car exterior cleaning products such as car shampoo or car wax, as these items have been specially formulated to be used on car paint.

According to Connor Sullivan, writing on the Ezine Article Directory, drivers who think their motor looks a bit tired despite their best efforts to maintain it must go back to the drawing board and work out why.

In many cases, people are using alternatives to car shampoo and other car exterior cleaning products in the belief that they will give the same results, which is untrue.

"These non-detergent products will cause no damage to the wax on your car’s body, and thus, guarantee appropriate cleaning," Mr Sullivan wrote.

Those who have been using washing-up liquid to clean their vehicle may wish to invest in Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner, which was recently recommended by Steve Wong.

Mr Wong, whose Honda Civic Si has won several clean car awards, wrote on RepairBooks.co.uk that it gives a great finish.

Posted James Robson

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