Sonax Full Effect rim cleaner given the thumbs up

Sonax Full Effect rim cleaner given the thumbs up

To tackle caked-on brake dust and other bits of grime stuck to a car’s alloys, Sonax’s Extreme Rim Cleaner Full Effect is one of the top choices.

According to a user’s review of Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner in an AutogeekOnline forum, the product outperforms other leading brands which claim to do the same job.

The enthusiast had previously used P21S and Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant to clean his alloys but decided to try the Sonax alternative after hearing positive feedback about it.

After the first use, he was impressed at how effective the Sonax wheel cleaner was in removing tough dirt.

“The Sonax did a great job of very quickly destroying the grime on both the Honda and BMW wheels. Following up with a brush, I was able to get into the ‘details’ of the wheels where grime seems to hide,” the writer added.

To enhance the effect of the Sonax wheel cleaner, drivers could also invest in tyre cleaners to give the rubber a jet black colour, motoring writer James Clausen said in a recent article for

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