Short-term car waxes ‘are easier and quicker to use’

After spending hours washing and carefully drying a vehicle owners will want to ensure that all of their hard work does not go to waste the minute they take the motor out for a spin and car waxes are the way to do this.

According to, waxing is something that should be done every month depending on the weather conditions and other environmental factors.

For those who are too lazy to do this, there are certain waxes which will offer longer-lasting protection and therefore only need to be applied sporadically.

However, the majority of car enthusiasts prefer the traditional carnauba wax that is usually used every few weeks.

"Most people choose short-term products that are easier and quicker to use and still give a lustrous shine," the source added.

According to the Car Care Council, applying car waxes makes subsequent washes easier as well as protecting the paint from contaminants.

Posted by Matt Casson

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