Selling a car ‘requires interior detailing as well as exterior’

It is important those planning to sell their vehicle dedicate as much time to interior detailing as they do exterior.

That is according to a piece in the Daily Telegraph, which stated that a bit of elbow grease and a few hours cleaning can see motorists add hundreds of pounds to the sale price.

Drivers may want to invest in products such as car leather care and car air fresheners to breathe new life into the cabin, with the newspaper claiming that the whole area needs to be squeaky clean.

"Be sure that the interior is spotless too – remove all your junk, vacuum the mats, carpets and boot and thoroughly dust the dashboard," the source added.

Roy Vazquez, who is in charge of detailing at the Yucca Valley Chrysler Centre, told the Desert Trail recently that drivers should think of car leather conditioner as being like moisturiser for seats.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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