Self-assembled car detailing kits ‘are a great gift idea’

When buying Christmas presents for a motoring buff, car detailing kits seem like the obvious answer but those who want to add a more personal touch can select different products and assemble a kit themselves.

Jim Kerr, writing for Canadian Driver, said there is no shortage of presents to buy car lovers but microfibre cloths and car shampoo are a good choice because they are practical.

"A plastic pail, a soft sponge, some terry towel or microfibre drying cloths and a small bottle of car wash soap make an excellent gift," he stated.

Those keen to do this are not short of options and could purchase Sonax Gloss Shampoo, Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System and Autoglym Metal Polish to create a unique detailing kit.

Investing in car brushes from Mothers may be a good idea as well, as they do a great job both inside and outside the vehicle.

According to, the Mothers Detail Brush and Mothers Brake Dust Brush are both good buys.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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