Selecting car cleaning products ‘can be a challenge’

With so many different kinds of car shampoo, clay bars and microfibre cloths to choose from, shopping for detailing products is not always straight forward, it has been claimed.

Lee Ballantyne, writing for, said that he had this problem recently, visiting a retailer and discovering a wealth of solutions for each area of the vehicle.

"I should have known, given our addiction to vehicles, that selecting a car cleaning product would be a challenge. But I had not properly anticipated the plethora of products that greeted me in the clean-up aisle," he stated.

In the end he listened to his wife and decided to buy a few cheap products and work on his motor with these.

Autoglym chief executive officer Paul Caller said recently that investing in low-cost car cleaning solutions can be a false economy in many cases.

He stated that de-icer and windscreen wash are products which need to work every time they are called upon, which may not be the case with budget items.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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