Scratch remover to be used by stop-start drivers?

Scratch remover could be high on the priority list for people who are qualified to drive but rarely get behind the wheel.

New research from AXA has found that these motorists – dubbed stop-start drivers as they have passed their test but do not take to the road on a regular basis – are more likely to be involved in a road accident than those who use their car regularly.

The study found a high number of these people forget their highway code and often lose their confidence – suggesting scratch remover may be required should their car take some bumps.

Sarah Vaughan, motor director at AXA, said: "Among the under 30s you have some very good drivers but there are clearly issues with those who rarely drive."

Writing recently for the Ohio News-Herald, Betsy Scott advised road users who are concerned about pot holes to regularly carry out tyre inspections, as the rubber can act as an efficient safety cushion during on poor surfaces.

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