Scratch remover and car wax ‘can get rid of small marks’

Scratch remover and car wax 'can get rid of small marks'

Drivers who have noticed small scratches on their bodywork can tackle them with car wax or a car scratch remover.

According to an entry on Top Cool Cars, scratches can make a vehicle look shabby and dated and that these two solutions, along with using car shampoo and a chamois leather, can make a difference.

On car wax, the website said that there are some specially formulated to deal with nicks in the panels.

“To remove a scratch mark, apply [a] rich amount of wax on the mark. Scrub off the wax sturdily on the surface until [the scratch] is gone. Once the mark is gone, you can apply car polish to your car to heighten its sparkling and scratch-free frame,” the blog stated.

With car scratch remover, drivers should apply it and then scrape it with a chamois leather and the scrapes will soon disappear.

Another car exterior care product which can revitalise the bodywork is a clay bar, with Automobile Mag recommending using one twice a year.

Posted by James Robson

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