Salt and grime ‘will make car paint chip’

The importance of investing in car shampoo, car polish and car waxes has been highlighted by one detailing expert who claims that without them car paint will fade and chip easily.

Speaking to, Marcus Bly, owner of Karworkz, said that many people are aware that salt and grit used to break down icy roads causes rust on the underside of the car but it also wreaks havoc on the bodywork in terms of its appearance.

He stated that structural damage is just the half of it, with salt weakening the paint and making it look tired and dull, highlighting the need to clean with car shampoo and protect with car wax.

"You don't want that salt and grime to stay on the car because it will fade your paint. It will start making your paint chip. The clear coat will also start fading and peeling," Mr Bly told the website.

Kevin Wellman, estimator at Dutch Miller Chevrolet Body Shop, told that drivers should steer well clear of sponges in winter, as unlike microfibre cloths, these will simply move the dirt around the car and likely cause many small scratches.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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