Routine car checks ‘not being completed’

People in the UK do not appear to be well versed in the practice of vehicle maintenance, with one industry expert noting that routine checks are not being completed.

Nigel Adams of the Karcher UK Academy explained that 45 per cent of Britons are concerned with road salt damage in winter but do not do anything about the problem, with this attitude towards motors "contributing to the increase in car breakdowns and in-creased loss of car value", the Daily Telegraph reports.

He made this comments as the pressure washer manufacturer released the results of a survey indicating that 30 per cent of people do not even know how to fill their automobiles with fuel or windscreen cleaner.

Furthermore, 53 per cent have never been taught how to carry out basic tasks, while 15 per cent admit they have broken down through failing to carry out rudimentary procedures, such as oil checks.

This comes after found that over a third of Brits have not cleaned their cars in the last month.

Posted by Simone Williams

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