Right tools ‘crucial to a clean car’

If a job is worth doing it is worth doing properly and washing a car is a task that people should not look to cut corners on.

That means following best practice to avoid causing more damage and utilising all the correct tools.

For example, car shampoo is essential and owners should not even consider washing up liquid.

The same is true of the tools used to wipe the bodywork when wet and then soak it up so no water spots are left.

According to Automobilemag.com, wash mitts are the way forward and not paper towels or similar abrasive products.

"Microfibre or sheepskin mitts are ideal for washing, while a good quality chamois or microfibre towel is key for drying the car," the source noted.

Lauren Fix, the Car Coach at Your News Now, recently recommended drivers stick to the four W's when cleaning their vehicle.

These are washing, wiping, windows and wheels.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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