Remove tree sap ‘as soon as possible’

Drivers who notice tree sap on their vehicles should not delay in removing it, as once it sets it can be hard to get rid of with car shampoo and other products.

Lauren Fix, an automotive TV analyst known as the Car Coach, told that there are few contaminants which can ruin the look of a vehicle more than tree sap and that when she sees it she makes a note of removing it.

"When you see it in the morning, remove it at night. I don't wait until the next day," she stated.

Ms Fix stated that only dedicated car exterior care products should be used to get rid of the substance and that home soaps and other remedies should be given a wide berth.

Tunch Goren, chief executive officer of 3D International LLC, said recently that motorists need to go the extra mile if they want their motor to look the best it possibly can.

Posted by Simone Williams

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