‘Remove the old wax’ when changing car waxes

Drivers who have decided to explore new car waxes and switch from Mothers to Meguiar's should remove all traces of the old product before applying the new one.

According to an article on iloveindia.com, by taking off the existing coat – which may have become depleted due to sunlight and the elements – the new layer will be able to work more effectively.

Among the tools needed for the job are microfibre cloths and rubbing compound.

After ascertaining what sort of paint the car has, drivers should apply the rubbing compound in small patches and buff the areas to remove the old layer of wax.

The website goes on to recommend that a polishing compound is used before two coats of the new car wax are added.

According to a review of the product by a detailing enthusiast writing on the Modded Mustang forum, Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax is something those keen to switch car waxes may want to look at, as it delivers a great finish.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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