Remove ‘bugs as soon as possible’

Investing in bug cleaner could prove to be a shrewd move, as it is important to get rid of insect splats as soon as possible.

That is according to Joseph Guerrieri, a driver from Florida, who told that the love bug problem currently blighting areas of the US represents a real problem for cars and their delicate paint jobs.

The acidity of bug splats means that a significant number could have a serious impact on how a vehicle looks and may see motorists having to splash out on a re-spray.

"When you get the love bugs on, you got to get them off right away. Otherwise, they are going to damage your car," Mr Guerrieri told the news provider.

One driver who can vouch for this is Doug Brann, owner of Doug Brann Paint and Body Repair, who told the Associated Press that the acidity is so ferocious that it went through the paint on his wife's new motor.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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