‘Regular washing’ can help to sell a car

Windscreen cleaner might be a good investment for those attempting to sell their vehicle.

According to Stuff.co.nz's top tips for preparing a car for sale, motorists should place high importance on the motor's aesthetics.

Columnist Stephen Ottley explained that once out of a dealership, a vehicle will lose a "large chunk" of its value but noted that regular care is one way to make it attractive to prospective buyers.

"Don't neglect the weekend car wash," he said. "General road grime will eventually damage the paint if you don't wash your car regularly, while bird droppings and bugs need to be cleaned off as they appear."

Mr Ottley went on to advise motorists to break out the car polish applicator pads at least once a year and scrub the engine bay when it comes time to sell.

This goes against the advice of In and Out magazine's Chris Prickett, who recently informed drivers that waxes should be applied at least twice a year.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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