Regular car washing ‘can prevent permanent stains’

Motorists need to bring out the car shampoo and clay bars on a regular basis if they want to keep their vehicle looking fresh for years to come.

Vlad Samarin, editor of, said that washing a car often is the best way to prevent permanent stains from making the bodywork look tired and neglected.

"Things like dead flies and bugs, bird droppings or limestone dripping can damage the paint, leaving permanent stains if not washed off in time," he stated.

The expert went on to discuss the problem of corrosion, which can cause severe damage to paint jobs.

He claimed that when a car is clean, moisture evaporates quickly, however, when there is dirt on the bodywork, it accumulates in areas and has a corrosive effect.

"Regularly clean the leaves and other debris from the areas below the windshield and the water channels under the hood and trunk, as the leaves block the water drains and accumulate the moisture that speeds up the corrosion process," Mr Samarin added.

On the issue of rust, the cleaning guru recommended undercoating and rust-proofing the vehicle to help protect the chassis components and body panels.

Mr Samarin said that rust protection needs to be reapplied "once in a while" for it to have the desired effect.

According to recent research by, washing a car by hand remains the most popular method for 47 per cent of UK road users.

Richard Lawton, spokesperson for the website, noted that despite the fact there are many mobile car cleaning options available to people today, the traditional do-it-yourself approach is still dear to motorists' hearts.

"Even with the explosion of hand car wash businesses in recent years, it still seems that for most people, washing the car on a fine day is an enjoyable pastime," he concluded.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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