Proper maintenance performed consistently ‘the key to a better looking car’

When it comes to making their motor look the best, drivers must invest in the correct cleaning tools such as car shampoo, microfibre cloths and clay bars and use them on a regular basis, it has been claimed.

According to Ricochet's Rapid Detail, the key to having a shiny paint job and sparkling rims is in utilising the right products and cleaning the vehicle consistently.

It is not enough to just wash the vehicle every blue moon and apply car waxes and car polishes once every two years or so, because their effect will not be as great.

"Keeping your car looking good and making it last comes down to two things: proper maintenance performed on a consistent basis," the blog went on to add.

Car waxes, however, do not need to be applied every time the vehicle is washed as a wax layer will build up on the vehicle which will serve little purpose and make it look untidy, Roy Vazquez, head of detailing at the Yucca Valley Chrysler Centre, told the Desert Trail.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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