Professional car cleaning products ‘are available to all’

Professional car cleaning products such as steel wheel cleaners, scratch remover and car plastic polish were once only available to people in the trade but that is no longer the case.

Marc Forget, owner of Street Freaks Detailing, told the Times Colonist that owners can buy these items readily and can save themselves significant amounts of money in doing so and carrying out work themselves.

"There used to be a time when the car-care products I would use to clean and polish my client's vehicles were only available to professionals. But now people can buy most of the same products," he stated.

Mr Forget went on to give tips on how to make the vehicle look its best, including applying car waxes, using car air fresheners and investing in microfibre cloths some of the steps he recommended.

Clay bars may be another good item to purchase, as Victory Detailing recently used them to restore a 3-series BMW to its former glory.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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