Prevention ‘is better than cure’ when it comes to car care

It is much better to apply car waxes and car polishes on a car when it is good condition rather than letting the paint deteriorate and trying to rectify the problem afterwards.

That is according to Jaime Montoya, owner of JAMS Automotive, who told KFOX14 that the best thing the owner of a new vehicle can do is protect and maintain it on a regular basis.

He stated it is favourable to follow this path rather than waiting for problems to arise and then dealing with them later.

One issue motorists need to think about is damage from the sun's rays now that the weather is improving.

Mr Montoya said "wax it [and] glaze it", adding that a professional company can carry out the work for those who wish.

The experts at Victory Detailing recently highlighted the effectiveness of car sealants when looking to give the bodywork a good shine, stating that they did a fine job on a vehicle they recently detailed.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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