Preventative car maintenance ‘is like healthcare’

When it comes to car cleaning, prevention is better than cure.

Rather than letting bird droppings and tree sap wreak havoc on the bodywork, drivers should take steps to protect their vehicle with car waxes and similar products, as they will reap the rewards of an attractive-looking motor for years to come.

Andy Eaton, from AE Auto Plus, says that with the autumn fast approaching and winter not far away, it is imperative that owners do all they can to ensure the harsh elements do not ruin the appearance of their car.

Safety, performance and appearance are the three areas motorists need to focus on when it comes to maintenance.

In terms of the latter, the way forward is to keep the vehicle clean and to wash with car shampoo on a regular basis, as this will stop salt, acid rain and other contaminants from doing too much harm.

Mr Eaton recommended that owners apply rust protection to their bodywork for an added barrier against the harsh winter elements.

Windscreen cleaner is another product that drivers may wish to invest in, as the expert stated it is essential that motorists can see where they are going at all times.

"Driving with a clear, clean windshield is critical, not just for the car owner's safety, but also for the safety of others," Mr Eaton said.

Summing up, he claimed it is better to prepare a car and protect it rather than try to correct problems as and when they occur.

"Preventative car maintenance is like healthcare," the expert went on to say.

Kevin Wellman, estimator at Dutch Miller Chevrolet Body Shop, told recently that drivers should not use sponges to clean their vehicles during winter, as they trap stones and grit which will scratch the paint if they are rubbed against the bodywork.

Posted by Anne Simpson


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