Pressure washers ‘can save drivers heaps of cash’

Buying a pressure washer could be one of the shrewdest investments drivers make with regards to their motors, as they can make car exterior cleaning much easier and also do a better job than the alternatives.

According to What Car?, using one of these machines cuts the amount of elbow grease needed to wash snow foam and car shampoo off the vehicle before applying car waxes and car polish.

However, pressure washers can also be employed before any cleaning or detailing takes place, as they can be used to blast salt and grime off the bodywork as well as from under the wheel arches.

The publication stated that in terms of value for money and convenience, pressure washers make a lot of sense.

"A pressure washer … [is] a multi-purpose hub of ingenuity that can save not only hours of painstaking cleaning, but also a whole heap of cash," the magazine said.

It is a tool which motorists could use on a regular basis, with the Car Care Council recommending that drivers wash their motors often to extend their life.

Posted by Simone Williams

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