Prepare for winter with wheel cleaners and car shampoo

With summer drawing to a close now could be the right time to invest in car shampoo and wheel cleaners in order to ensure that a vehicle is in its best possible shape heading into the colder months.

Having the right kind of equipment to clean a car might prove to be the all important factor as without it unnecessary harm may be caused.

For those who pride themselves on their motor appearing at its best and want to ensure it stays that way finding the right tools might prove essential.

This is something that Deana Lancaster, writing for North Shore News, commented on, stating: "You can't just grab your bucket and dish soap either. Washing incorrectly or with the wrong tools is a surefire way to damage paint."

"Even more important are the tools you use to do the job. If you've ever seen a car with swirl marks, then you've seen a side effect of improper washing."

She added that the wheels and awkward to reach areas also require the proper tools as opting to make use of a old toothbrush to complete some cleaning tasks is "asking for trouble".

Wheel cleaners could make this task easier and ensure that the results are far more effective and – according to Ms Lancaster – it could be best to make use of these first before going on to tackle the bodywork.

She suggested that if people choose to wash the rest of the car before then they will need to allow time for the wheels to dry, adding that another advantage is that if wheel cleaner gets on to the paintwork it can then be washed off easily.

Windscreen cleaner could also prove a useful purchase for drivers as Andy Eaton, from AE Auto Plus, recently stated that it is "critical" the windshield is clear and clean.  

Posted by James Robson

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