Perform regular oil changes ‘to help prolong a vehicle’s life’

Motorists have been informed that caring for both the interior and exterior of a vehicle is the best way to guarantee it lasts a long time.

A maintenance guide noted that no matter what the age of a car, this service is the "most likely" to grant it more life.

"Be sure to check your vehicle's owner's manual for the recommended oil change intervals," it said. "Replace the oil filter with every oil change and use a high–quality motor oil that meets the specifications recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer."

The guide went on to explain that owners should also pay attention to the other fluids inside their vehicle and recommended regularly checking the reservoir.

It also claimed that gunk build-ups should be avoided, as this can have a negative affect on the combustion of petrol in an engine over time.

This advice follows statistics from the Karcher UK Academy, which recently told the Daily Telegraph of the 45 per cent of Britons who are failing to perform regular checks on their cars despite being concerned about damage to their tyres.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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