Parent offers car carpet cleaning tips

Those with young children will know that keeping a car clean can be difficult but when the time does come to give the interior a thorough going over, it can be done quickly and effectively.

Crystal, writing on her personal blog Crystal and Co, has five kids who travel in her vehicle and said that the interior can take a bit of punishment from them.

She recommends removing everything from the vehicle and vacuuming the whole of the cabin to pick up any large debris.

Following this, drivers should use an interior car shampoo to remove any stains before letting it dry and vacuuming the whole area again.

Crystal added that those who can take the seats out of the interior should do so, give them a good shake and vacuum and then return them.

According to a recent entry on, removing stains from the carpet does not have to be a time consuming or difficult a process.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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