P21S Powergel ‘is great for hard-to-reach areas’

When it comes to alloy wheel cleaners drivers are spoilt for
choice, but one in particular which is good at reaching grime in
difficult areas is the
P21S Powergel.

An AutogeekOnline member reviewing
Sonax Extreme Rim Cleaner
. Full Effect said that before trying
the product, he was a big fan of the P21S Powergel and the finish
it delivered.

While the reviewer praised the Sonax product for the job it
does, one area where the P21S Powergel performed better was in
removing grime from the barrels.

“One spot where I felt the P21S shines was on the barrels or
backs of the wheels. Because of the consistency of the products I
found that the gel sticks to this area of the wheel better than the
liquid,” the writer said.

Keeping the rims shiny with wheel cleaners is important, as a recent
study by webuyanycar.com found that two in five people would be put
off a second date with someone who picked them up in a scruffy
motor, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

Posted by Matt Casson and edited by Gabriel Crowe

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