P21S and Dodo Juice ‘are world-class brands’

There are many car cleaning product brands available to drivers these days but some are better than others, with P21S and Dodo Juice belonging to the world-class category.

That is according to KC Detailing, which stated that many companies who offer detailing services will try and pull the wool over customers' eyes and claim they use only the best car shampoo, car waxes and clay bars when the reality is something else.

It is important to question the firm and find out more about them, the experts stated.

They may state that they use products from certain manufacturers, however, some are better than others.

Those who want to do their own detailing job should look to invest in P21S or Dodo Juice solutions, as according to the company, these are "world class".

Dday, posting on the Detailing Bliss forum, said that Dodo Juice Born Slippy and Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Car Wax are part of his ultimate detailing kit.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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