Owners ‘should use car polish and car wax four times a year’

Owners 'should use car polish and car wax four times a year'

In order to protect their vehicles from corrosion motorists should use car polish and car wax at least four times a year.

Patrick Sills, a motoring enthusiast writing on Helium, said that applying car wax and car polish adds a protective coating to the finish and therefore helps prevent the onset of rust.

He also stressed that drivers should wash their car at least once a week to protect the bodywork from the elements.

“Even dirt left to accumulate on steel panels will accelerate corrosion. Don’t overlook areas like the bottoms and insides of rocker panels and doors either,” Mr Sills wrote.

According to Automobilemag.com, the first thing is for motorists to realise that polish and wax are not the same thing and once they have applied car polish they should then look to finish with car wax or car sealant.

The website added that car sealants are easier to apply than traditional car waxes.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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