Orbital car polishers ‘are best for novices’

For paint which is severely dulled, car polishes may not be strong enough on their own to revitalise it but drivers can bring the bodywork back to life by using car polishers beforehand.

That is according to Nick Vacco, owner of Detail King, who wrote in a feature for Professional Carwashing and Detailing that where car polishers are required, it is best to start with a basic machine.

"Depending on the severity of the paint correction needed, the vehicle may need to be buffed with a rotary buffer to level the paint and remove imperfections," he said.

Mr Vacco stated that orbital polishers are good tools to use "to get a feel" of handling such machinery.

He noted that it is important to be absolutely sure that the paint requires buffing and that drivers should check there are no vulnerable areas before they begin work.

The expert went on to add that motorists should familiarise themselves with the different applicator pads to ensure they use the correct one.

After completing the job, drivers should use microfibre cloths to buff the finish, as these will not scratch the bodywork, according to the bavauto blog.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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