Orbital buffers ‘key to getting professional results’

Drivers who want their car to boast a professional-looking shine need to use products and tools that experts use themselves.

That means items such as top-grade car waxes, microfibre cloths and wash mitts, as well as another device that will make the paintwork shine in the sun – orbital buffers.

These are tools motorists need to think about, as these machines can spruce up the bodywork in a way the human hand cannot, with their rotations gently bringing out the best in the paint.

This is a point reinforced by the kemPlink Auto Detailing blog, which stated that with practice car enthusiasts can get a great finish with car polishers.

"A vehicle owner who learns how to use an orbital buffer, compounds and waxes can perform a partial or full polish restoration with professional-looking results," the source added.

AsiaOne's Darren Chang recently praised car polishers for the wonderful finish they can deliver.

Posted by Simone Williams

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