Not washing a car ‘is neglect’

Car cleaning CCUUSome may not think so, but not washing a car is tantamount to neglecting it, according to one source.

An entry on the Electrostatic Air Cleaner blog claims this will come back to haunt motorists when they come to sell the car, as this neglect will ultimately make the car worth less.

Keeping the exterior in top condition with car shampoo and wax is vital, however, it is equally important that the same care and attention is given to the inside of the vehicle.

"Don’t skip the interior, your friends and family will thank you. By the time the work is done, you’ll be amazed at what your car is capable of looking like," the blog added.

According to a recent post on TonArticles, cleaning a car thoroughly before selling it could bump the price up a little.

The entry added that motorists who maintain their cars and keep them clean tend to get more money for them as buyers believe they have taken good care of them.

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