No driver ‘should be without car wash and polish mitts’

When it comes to detailing a car and achieving the perfect finish using the correct products such as car shampoo, car wax and snow foam are essential but one item drivers must never find themselves without is a lamb's wool wash mitt.

That is according to Richard Tipper from detailing company Perfection Ltd, who told BOTB News that car wash and polish mitts are the best way of reducing the number of scratches on the bodywork.

He stated that the majority of scratches and marks which are found on vehicles come from improper washing and using the wrong tools.

When asked what one item is essential to achieving the best finish, Mr Tipper responded: "A 100 per cent lamb's wool wash mitt. 80 per cent of scratches on a car are from the washing process and the mitt will limit that."

He added that under no circumstances should a sponge be used in its place.

Kevin Wellman, estimator at Dutch Miller Chevrolet Body Shop, made a similar point to, stating that sponges do more harm than good in many instances.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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