New Windscreen Crack Repair Kit From Sealey

Windscreen Chip & Crack Reapair KitHave you got an annoying crack or chip in your windscreen that you want to get rid of without involving your insurers or calling out a glass repair company? Now you can with the new Windscreen Repair Kit from Sealey.

This new kit contains all you need to repair windscreen cracks up to 15mm long and chips that are anywhere up to 25mm wide.

Claiming to provide an “almost invisible” fix, which to be fair is what may professional repair firms use in their terminology, the kit contains a suction cup device, pressure driver and injection tube for applying the special clear  resin.

This resin being designed to penetrate deep inside windscreen chips and cracks.

Sealeys’ Windscreen Crack Repair Kit also comes with a complete set of instructions including step by step diagrams on how to repair a windscreen crack or chip.

It is recommended that the repair is done under under direct sunlight and firstly involves smoothing the chip or crack from any fragments of glass by scraping with the supplied razor blade and wiping clean. The next step is to set the suction cup on the windscreen, making sure the injection nozzle is directly over the damaged area.

Having then screwed the resin injection tube into the suction cup assembly you then simply need to squeeze a few drops of resin into the injection tube. The amount of resin needed depending on the extent of the size of the chip or crack.

The resin is then injected into the damaged area by putting the pressure drive into the injection tube and winding in the drive which pressures the resin deep into the chip area.

It then takes about 4 to 6 minutes for the repair resin to be absorbed into the damaged area after which you may need to add a little more. Once fully absorbed the suction support set can be removed and any excess resin cleaned away.

The Sealey kit also contains curing strips which are laid over the top of the repaired area and left on the windscreen in direct sunlight or under UV light for 5-10 minutes to dry.  The final step is then to use the razor blade once again to scrape away any excess resin and hey presto, one complete windscreen chip or crack repair completed.

The Sealey Windscreen Repair Kit is available priced at around £14-15 from their network of independent dealers or from leading online stockists.


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