New Scratch Shield Guards your Car from Grit and Scratches

New Scratch Shield grit guard bucket filter systemA new type of grit guard has just been launched into the UK Market and is set to take the car cleaning and detailing scene by storm. Marketed as the Scratch Shield (TM) bucket filter system, it creates a one way barrier between your car wash mitt and the unseen harmful grit and debris that lurks in the bottom of your bucket.

Whilst similar devices have been around for a couple of years, the most popular being the Grit Guard, the new ScratchShield uniquely differs in that it has adjustable legs that allow it to fit to almost all sizes of bucket. Other types which have fixed legs tend to be too wide to fit in the popular UK tapered 15L buckets and thus required the purchase of a separate straight sided bucket.

What’s more, as well as the legs being adjustable they are also removable to enable easier storage of the Scratch Shield.

The Scratch Shield works by placing it at the bottom of your bucket and every time you swill your wash mitt (or sponge if you still use one) in your bucket you also wipe it against the filter top. The grit is then wiped out of your mitt and falls to the bottom of the bucket. The legs at the bottom prevent the water and grit from swirling around, keeping it at the bottom of your bucket and preventing it from being transferred back to your mitt and keeping it well away from your cherished paintwork.

Announcing the launch of the new product a member of The Scratch Shield Team who developed the ScratchShield said “Bucket filters are normally associated with professional detailers and high end valeters. More and more people can see the benefits that they bring, but have often been put off by the price.”

Adding: “As well as enabling the Scratch Shield to fit existing buckets our unique design significantly reduces the transportation costs and allows us to pass this discount onto the customer. Now you can use the “two bucket system” just like the pros.”




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