New faster Nissan GT-R to hit our shores in 2012.

Nissan's GT-R was already impressive but next year the Japanese car manufacturer is making it even more awe-inspiring.

The 3.8L V6 twin turbo engine was a beast in itself, however Nissan has announced that the 2012 edition will have a mammoth 542bhp, up from 523bhp, and torque of 466lb ft.

To allow for the extra power, Nissan has made a series of reinforcement to the body panelling around the dashboard and the engine compartment. This, it says, will give the car better handling as well as more stability.

Under that sits a revised suspension that is specifically designed to carry the extra weight the right-hand drive models have.

Despite all this, it performs slightly better than the current model in the fuel economy stakes, managing 24 miles per gallon opposed to the old 23.5.

The vehicle will be available for pre-order next month and deliveries are expected in early 2012.

Sounds like an ideal Christmas present for those of you which love to get the car polishes and chrome wheel cleaners out on a Sunday morning.

Posted by Matt Casson 

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