Motorists want to see litter louts punished

British drivers are often keen to keep their vehicle clean, as evidenced by the popularity of car air fresheners, bug cleaner, microfiber cloths and car shampoo.

However, many motorists in the UK appear to be equally enthusiastic about looking after their wider surroundings as well.

According to a new poll by Allianz Insurance, more than half get angry and frustrated when they see other road users throwing litter from their car.

Meanwhile, over one in three respondents said they find it upsetting to see drivers being "lazy and disrespectful" in this way.

Others raised concerns with the impact that discarded rubbish is having on the environment, while some said they believe it sets a bad example for youngsters.

As a result, more than eight out of ten motorists would like to see punishments handed out to those who throw litter out of their car window.

Hitting litter louts with three points or more on their driving licence proved a particularly popular idea, with 34 per cent backing this option.

The UK government is already looking at issuing £80 fixed penalty notices to motorists who throw rubbish from their vehicle – and Allianz Insurance believes this tactic is also proving quite popular.

Spokesman Gareth McChesney warned that with the cost of motoring continuing to rise, the financial impact of these punishments – such as more expensive car insurance premiums – would be most unwelcome.

However, he said there is a "simple way" in which drivers can avoid this problem.

"Motorists should simply keep their rubbish in the car until they get to their destination when they can dispose of it."

They could then use items such as car air fresheners to ensure their vehicle continues to smell clean.

This comes after a survey by Allianz found that many parents store expensive baby equipment in their vehicles, with items such as pushchairs, clothes and toys potentially adding up to about £500 in total.

Posted by Matt Casson 

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