Motorists ‘should only invest in high-quality car waxes’

Household budgets may be under pressure due to the current economic climate but motorists who love their cars dearly should not cut back on essential items such as car waxes, particularly in such a harsh winter.

According to an article on OrlandoParkPatch, as washing and waxing a vehicle in times of adverse weather is so important it would be a wrong move to buy cheap car waxes and car shampoo in the belief that they would do the same job as better-known products.

With grit and salt having the ability to cause serious damage to paint jobs, drivers must ensure they give their bodywork all of the protection that it needs.

"When you wax your car for the first time this season, go for a high-quality wash and wax. The layer of wax protects your car from dirt and salt and [makes] it easier to clean next time," the source added.

The ARA news agency recently made a similar point with regards to car shampoo, warning motorists that under no circumstances should they think that washing-up liquid is an adequate substitute.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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