Motorists offered tips on reducing fuel expenditure

Drivers have been handed guidance on how to ensure they are getting the most out of their fuel.

Writing for the South Kingstown Patch, columnist Tracey O'Neil claimed that the owner's manual for a vehicle can often be a source of good tips.

She explained that improper tyre pressure is a common problem that can encourage excessive fuel consumption and also warned motorists to ensure they are using the correct grade of oil for their engine.

The columnist went on to examine the inefficiencies that drag can cause and her prime advice on the topic was to reduce speed.

"Driving at reduced speeds is more fuel efficient and safer for all," Ms O'Neil said, adding: "If you are not using it, remove it. Cargo and bike racks, rooftop storage and attachments reduce drag on the automobile."

Similarly, she advised removing all items from the boot of a car, as this will remove unneeded wait and improve fuel consumption.

Another way in which motorists can save cash is the use of pressure washers, which What Car? recently put forward as a great cost-reducing tool.

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