Motorists given advice on coping with potholes

Drivers have been advised of ways in which they can address the problems caused by potholes.

Writing for the Ohio News-Herald, columnist Betsy Scott noted the damage which disruptions in the road's surface can inflict on vehicles.

She consulted US organisation the AAA, which provided some top tips to help motorists tackle this issue.

It claimed that tyre inspection is a vital maintenance task as the rubber provides "the most important cushion" between a car and a pothole.

Therefore, the next time drivers break out the tyre cleaners, they may wish to pay extra attention to this area.

The AAA also noted that speed can effect the severity of damage caused by a pothole collision and recommended safely slowing down to protect suspension.

Earlier in the month, a survey conducted by found that maintenance is lax among Britons, with more than one-third of UK drivers have not cleaned their car in the past month.

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