Motorist need to take extra care in the coming months

Motor enthusiasts need to do more than just use the best car polish to ensure their vehicle remains in the tip top condition this winter, an expert in the industry has said.

Martin Paling, head of commercial vehicles for insurance firm Hastings Direct, has said road users need to take extra care when in the coming months as conditions are expected to be treacherous.

He said that with the daylight hours become shorter it getting darker for longer, the "likelihood of ice, snow and wet conditions increase", meaning traffic accidents will become more common.

"This could be slipping off the road in icy conditions or a multiple vehicle collision," he added.

He stressed the importance of having the correct vehicle insurance cover as it can be the difference between keeping an insured vehicle on the road and allowing the owner maintain their ability to perform daily tasks, such as family visits or commuting.

His comments follow on from recommendations made by Stuart Elstow of driver training specialists IAM Drive & Survive, who said motorists extra careful when driving in heavy rain.

Mr Elstow added that windows should be kept clean, something windscreen cleaner would be handy for.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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