Motorcycle Drying Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Although smaller than their four wheeled cousins, the motorbike has always been that much harder to get completely dry and can take up to 80% of your cleaning time. That was until now.

Motorcycle dryers are nothing new – they have been around in the US for a number of years. The problem was is that the US versions were not designed to work with the UK 240v system without a special power adapter.

Enter the all new Atom Motorcycle Dryer, made in the UK specifically for the UK and european market. Sporting a 220-240v power requirement this neat compact motorcycle dryer will safely blast the water and moisture off your bike leaving it dry and ready to ride (or put under cover) within minutes.

The Atom Motorcycle Dryer - The Fastest Way to dry your motorcycle

The Atom Motorcycle Dryer - The Fastest Way to dry Your Motorcycle

As a special introductory offer we have a limited number of these Motorcycle Dryer machines available at a discount price of £129.99 (MRP=£149.99).

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