Mothers Powerball ‘makes life a lot easier’

Buying car exterior care products for a loved one this Christmas is a great idea but it is not as straightforward as some might think.

Rhonda Wheeler, writing for the Las Vegas Review Journal, said it is important to get gifts which are actually useful rather than buying any car polish in the belief that it is good enough.

"Think of gifts that make cleaning easier as opposed to just reminding the recipient of the work in front of them … most car nuts already have a favourite wax or polish, so avoid buying just any old stuff," she stated.

Among the tools Ms Wheeler recommended as good Christmas presents are Mothers PowerBall along with some of the many detailing tools offered by Meguiar's.

Another product the writer claimed is a good investment is Cyber Clean Car Interior Cleaning Compound, which can remove dust and dirt from the most awkward crevices.

Jim Kerr, writing for Canadian Driver, recently suggested that people create their own detailing kits with several different items for car enthusiasts this Christmas.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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