Mothers car care products ‘will maintain your car’s lustre’

Even older cars can be restored to their former glory with the use of the right car waxes and scratch removers, motorists have been advised.

With the economic climate meaning that many drivers are looking to stick with their existing vehicles rather than splash out on a new model, the Philippine Star has advised on the most effective ways of keeping a body looking good.

In particular, the newspaper has singled out the Mothers range of products – which includes car waxes and car shampoo – as helping maintain a car's lustre.

Specifically, the California Gold Car Wash Shampoo is credited with being strong enough to tackle bird droppings and road dirt, though without dulling the paintwork, while the California Gold Scratch Remover can be used to get doors and bumpers looking like new.

"With Mothers car care products, you can be sure that glow of your brand new car will remain for a long time," the newspaper concluded, adding that "even cars which have seen better days can get back their shine".

This comes soon after Low Rider Magazine listed Mothers Clay Bar as one of its 'best buy' products available on the market.

Posted by Simone Williams

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