More than a third of drivers ‘have not washed their car in a month’

Despite being a nation of car lovers more than a third of Brits have not cleaned their motors in the last month, new research has found.

According to a survey by, 37 per cent of people have not taken a bucket, car shampoo and a microfibre cloth to their bodywork in over 30 days, while just 20 per cent have done so in the last week.

Only 43 per cent of motorists have washed their car in the last two weeks.

Of those who have cleaned their motor in the last seven days, 83.2 per cent of them did so at home.

Roland Head, founder of the website, said that washing a car after such a heavy winter is crucial due to corrosion from salt, while in the summer, there are other concerns.

"In summer, salt isn't an issue and occasional hand washing with a good quality car shampoo, followed by a rinse, is all that's required. Consider treating your car to a polish before next winter – this will help seal the paintwork against salt and grit," he added.

According to Joanne's Pest Control and Carpet Cleaning blog, drivers should take their cars to a hand car wash and then finish the job themselves at home with some car polishes and vacuuming the interior.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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