Miliband might find windscreen cleaner useful for keeping vehicle clean

Windscreen cleaner and microfibre cloths might be worth purchasing for Labour leader Ed Miliband, as photographs have shown his vehicle being spruced up.

However, pictures in the Daily Mail showed that an unknown woman was tasked with keeping the Ford Focus in top condition outside the MP's north London home, perhaps while Mr Miliband was away at the Labour Conference in Liverpool.

The newspaper noted that the cleaner paid close attention to the car's headlamps and wing mirrors, perhaps hoping to ensure that visibility for those behind the wheel remains good as winter approaches.

When questioned about whether Mr Miliband had employed the lady as a cleaner, his spokesman said: "I'll ask him in the morning."

A recent survey by indicated that 90.9 per cent of men feel they are able to complete basic car maintenance tasks such as checking tyre pressure and oil, while only 51.8 per cent of females said the same.  

Posted by James Robson

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