Microfibre towels and car shampoo ‘are vital to a good clean’

Microfibre towels and car shampoo 'are vital to a good clean'

Under no circumstances should drivers contemplate using washing up liquid and an old wash mitt to give their car the once over.

According to Automobilemag.com, a microfibre cloth and specially-formulated car shampoo are the answer to removing tough dirt and marks from a vehicle’s bodywork.

The microfibre cloth is especially important, the website claims, as it is less abrasive than some of the alternatives.

“Microfibre towels … are much softer than cotton or wool and, more important, rinse out better, so you won’t inadvertently scratch the clear coat with trapped dirt as you scrub and dry your car,” the website added.

Car shampoo is also important, as the chemical balances which make them up are designed to be gentle on the body and will not strip the wax like other substances might.

According to a recent entry on For You Articles, drivers must invest in a microfibre cloth, a wash mitt and car shampoo to in order to give their motor the finish they want.

Posted by Matt Casson

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