Microfibre cloths ‘will not scratch your car’

Microfibre cloths 'will not scratch your car'

Drivers wanting to treat their paint job with the utmost care should invest in microfibre cloths to clean their vehicle rather than using other materials.

Tom Selwick, from Las Vegas Auto Detailing, said that microfibre cloths are a sound choice because their composition is kind to the bodywork.

“Microfibre is a good material to use because it is gentle and will not scratch your car. You will also need a couple of buckets to hold water,” he stated.

Mr Selwick also said that motorists should use car shampoo as opposed to washing up liquid or other soaps, as these can remove the wax coating on the paint job meaning there is a greater chance of it becoming patchy and unattractive.

According to Automobilemag.com, a microfibre cloth and specially-formulated car shampoo are the two most important car detailing products for drivers.

The website stated that microfibre cloths rinse out better than other materials and thus give a better overall finish.

Posted by Matt Casson

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