Microfibre cloths ‘help diminish scratches’

Scratches and swirl marks can really take the gloss off a car's finish and to avoid them, drivers should invest in microfibre cloths.

That is according to detailing enthusiast Ryan Riegel, who told Your News Now that these items come into their own when the time comes to strip off car waxes and apply a new coat.

"Micro-fiber towels, they help to diminish scratches, help not trap lint dust, stuff like that when removing or taking off wax, which can cause deeper scratches," he stated.

The expert went on to discuss errors people make when applying car waxes, which include doing the job in direct sunlight.

"Applying wax in sunlight, it doesn't give as much of a gloss as most would like," Mr Riegel told the news provider.

Jim Dvorak, spokesman for Mother's, told SunSentinel.com recently that new cars need to be waxed just like older vehicles do, with many people wrongly assuming they do not.

Posted by James Robson

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